We are freedom, we are success, we are growth, and we are PROSPERITY. 

I had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at the 2nd Annual Juneteenth Breakfast at Morris Chapel Baptist Church – Greenwood, SC, and it was a true pleasure. It was an opportunity to remind my people that there has been a significant attempt to hide the best-kept secret for years, but the jig is up! We need to realize that we are freedom, we are success, we are growth, and we are prosperity! The best-kept secret was that we are the key to the future we want to see. We are catalysts. We can maneuver anything into a workable situation with a productive and profitable outcome. So be active in your community – with recognition or not. Get up early or stay up late to work on yourself – you do it for your job all the time. Be observant – if they are working to remove or block it, it is because it benefited the wrong population. Show up – being present is half the battle because they need to know we are watching and working.

It was you all along! You were to answer!

You are Freedom; now walk like you are free, succeed like you are free, grow like you are free, and prosper like you are free because you are FREE!!